What is Unigraph?

Unigraph combines a decentralized indexer for Bitcoin token standards such as BRC20 tokens with a data availability layer, built on top of a decentralized node network.

Unigraph allows anyone to run a secure indexer for Bitcoin token standards and for end users to rely on accurate data maintained by multiple independent parties with financial incentives for maintaining accurate data.

Unigraph also allows for the storing of additional data, beyond what can be stored in a Bitcoin inscription, with a hash of the data being stored in the inscription; allowing for more complex instruments to be built on top of Bitcoin whilst maintaining secure and decentralized data standards.

The Unigraph API will allow for complex data querying from both Bitcoin inscriptions and additional data stored on the Unigraph protocol, allowing projects to rely on accurate data. Queries to the Unigraph API will be paid using GRPH tokens, creating strong utility for token holders.

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